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The Road To Your BEST Life

explore and discover your true self

Let go of who you think you're suppose to be; embrace who you are. ~ Brene Brown

2023 Registration has closed. Join the waitlist for 2024 or sign up for an individual coaching package. 

Buckle up, this is going to be an exciting joyride! Join me and a small group of women on a self-discovery adventure!


Our Roadmap — what you can expect:

An eight-week program with engaging live virtual group courses, personalized one-on-one coaching sessions with me, and "life labs" — which is when, in your everyday life, you'll practice new concepts, skills, and behaviors. A huge added value will be the incredible energy and collective wisdom we'll all share as we embark on a journey to live our absolute best lives.

At the end of the road, this is what you will gain from this program:


What you will 

  • Who you truly are – your most important core values and your unique strengths

  • What you really want – a clear vision of your best self, best life, hopes and dreams

  • Where, when and how you want to start – whether it’s small steps or big moves

How you will


  • Empowered and confident about your choices and decisions

  • Inspired and motivated about your future

  • A sense of certainty and clarity

  • Aware, aligned and authentic

What you will 


  • Design your vision of awesomeness

  • Craft wildly meaningful goals

  • Take deliberate actions to create a life you are authentically thrilled to be living

  • Practice self-coaching to shift your thoughts and emotions to best support your actions and reach your goals

The Road To Your BEST Life

Step on it! We start soon!

Registration deadline is Oct. 6



I have answers and want

to connect with you!

In this program you will define what your "best life" looks like and, most importantly, create a roadmap for how to get there!

Program Roadmap

  • Week 1​: Live Virtual Group Course (90 min.) Rediscovering & Clarifying Your Personal Core Values​

  • Weeks 2 & 3: Personalized One-on-One Coaching Session (60 min.) and your Life Lab — practicing, in your everyday life, what you've learned

  • Week 4: Live Virtual Group Course (90 min.) Discovering Your Unique Talents & Strengths

  • Weeks 5 & 6: Personalized One-on-One Coaching Session (60 min.) and your Life Lab — practicing, in your everyday life, what you've learned

  • Week 7: Live Virtual Group Course (90 min.) Designing Your Roadmap to Living Your Best Life — where you go from here

  • Week 8: Personalized One-on-One Coaching Session (60 min.) 


A Few Details

  • Timing: We start the week of Oct. 9 and will wrap up the week of Nov. 27 This is a group experience so I'll communicate with each of you to coordinate the best days/times for our three live virtual courses.

  • Pricing: This is the inaugural program — I'll be seeking your feedback so I can enhance future programs. In return, I'm offering a discounted rate of $500 (50% savings!) Payment plans are possible.

  • Registering: Deadline for registration is Oct. 6, 2023. To register, click the box below to book a brief 15 minute call with me to get enrolled. 

Not sure if you're ready for a call? Send me a message with all your questions instead.


Hello, I'm Tammy!


I can’t wait to meet you! I mean that. I’m genuinely curious about everyone I cross paths with. Chances are, even if we haven’t met, we have already been traveling some parallel paths.


I’m Tammy, the one  holding my arms outstretched and open to the world. This captures how my true self shows up in life – with a fierce sense of freedom, unstoppable optimism, brave confidence, contagious enthusiasm, and gratitude.


Truth be told, I have not always felt this way.


There were chapters in my life when I felt lost, inadequate, overwhelmed, stressed. I was the queen of self-sabotage. I was painfully worried about people liking me. I had the fear of "being found out" so I would strive for perfection which only fueled anxiety that would spin me into chronic procrastination. I've had my bouts of clinical depression. 


A few years ago, everything aligned for me (though it may not have looked that way at first) to redesign my life. I did some soul searching, got quiet, and heard the voice that said: “It’s time to GO!” I gave an equally emphatic reaction to the Universe by saying YES! 

Part of what I offer you and everyone else I've coached is one of the biggest things I’ve learned in my own life, which is understanding the power of personal choice. Every moment of every day we get to choose how we feel, what we think, and how to respond to what’s happening in life.

Sounds simple - because it is. That does not mean it's easy. But I have helped hundreds of people get there! Coaching is an innate talent of mine. It's my superpower. It's my purpose.

I love working with people like you who are curious, open, and have a desire to live life fully. You may not know how to get there but you’re excited about taking the quest of self-discovery, engaging with your true self and finding meaning and purpose.


Together, we’ll explore your internal and external world, what you want, and what you need. We’ll uncover your strengths and core values and spark the inspiration to find your own inner freedom to reach your highest potential.


I believe in you! I will be your mirror, reflecting your worthiness, value, and capabilities.

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